Foosteer Initiative is committed to improving lives of vulnerable women and children in poor communities through the use of integrated innovations.
We are proud of the work we do, in partnership with some donor organizations, and would like to share  highlights of the work and our impact so far across our our focus areas: Health, Education, Energy Access, Climate Action, Leadership/digital security, Agriculture, Sustainable peace and democratic development.
Foosteer E.D (center) at Youth farm 2018
Since inception, Foosteer's drive towards achieving strategic impact goals can be measured by the following indicators.

Through strategic partnership with primary health centers and ART centers (Anti-retroviral Treatment centers) 5000 PLHIV ( people living with HIV) have been educated on HIV positive living, approximately 15% increase in ART enrollment, increase in ARV adherence, increase in referrals and improved health and well being of vulnerable rural women and children living in low income communities. 

15000 in-school youths across secondary schools in kogi state have been sensitized on sickle cell anemia.  

3500 expectant young community women educated on early breastfeeding initiation and exclusive breastfeeding for atleast the first six months of life, 7000 young nursing mothers educated on infant health and nutrition, 3,500 expectant mothers educated on hypertensive disorder of pregnancy and PPD ( pst par-tum depression). Increased the rate of breastfeeding among 7000 young lactating mothers in kogi state. Raised awareness for mental health and drug/substance use and abuse among 2500 youths. Distributed 100 long lasting insecticide mosquito nets to community women in 3 low income resource settings of kogi state.

Through strategic partnership with Khan Academy, teach SDG and Global schools, 3000 in and out of school children from 15 low income communities have been impacted with open education resource (OER), 5% increase in primary enrollment for the girl child in Ajaokuta community of Kogi State Nigeria.

Through strategic partnership with power for all, energy for impact, GEF ( Global Environment Facility), energy practitioner network, Foosteer Initiative energy access program have brought 15-30% savings on household income in off grid, communities of kogi state, 95% increase in income and job opportunities. Approximately 50kwp capacity installation through solar lanterns, solar home systems and micro power grid. Educated 50,000 community men and women on climate change and planted 3,600 trees across kogi state.

AGRICULTURE: Through strategic partnership with young women in farming (YOWIF), Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk sharing system for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL), and Farm Chique, Foosteer initiative have strengthened 500 rural women to launch successful agribusiness through the provision of micro and inclusive financing. 250 women accessed land and land use.

DIGITAL RIGHT and INTERNET SECURITY: Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool for 21st century. However, the new tool can also be subject to discords and confrontations with government of the day. Foosteer as part of its commitment to building a more just and equitable society works to increase capacity of press freedom organizations, media NGOs, media outlets, and several front-line defenders and CSOs through training on citizen media advocacy and legal defence.

SUSTAINABLE PEACE AND DEMOCRATIC DEVELOPMENT: Over 30,000 citizens have been impacted through civic education, media advocacy programming, inter/intra earlier cultural programming, sustainable peace and dialogue as well as promotion of national unity and religious tolerance.

Fossteer E.D (right) with Ambassedor Sean Hoy (ireland Ambassador to Nigeria/ECOWAS) June 2018
Gender Equality: Coalision based-advocacy for women right, Gender-based violence awareness creation among 5000 indigenous community members, 1500 vulnerable rural women empowerment and improved livelihood. 500 women with economic independence and control over benefits. 10% reported gender-based violence cases handled satisfactorily by local task forces.