Enabling Digital Communication Wealth for Development

Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool for the 21st century. However, the new technology tools can also be subject to discords and confrontations with government of the day. There are already reports of government aiming to curb internet freedom. Since 1995, governments around the world are making efforts to balance a need to deal with serious issues such as security, internet freedom, internet accessibility, but repressive societies, these concerns often serve as convenient pretext to engage in censorship or surveillance of the internet that is stated to violate the right and privacy of users and threaten the free flow of information and access to internet.
Foosteer co-founder Emmanuel Obafaiye (1st from right) participating at the 2019 Nigeria School on internet governance 

Foosteer Initiative as part of its commitment to building a more just and equitable society works to increase the capacity of press freedom organizations, media NGOs, Media outlets, and several frontline defenders and CSOs by providing training on citizen media advocacy and legal defence.

This is made possible through partnership and collaboration with UN special Raportuers around the state of digital security, media  and advocacy experts.