Foosteer Friendly Education program (FFEP)

Foosteer initiative for community health and social development operates in the rural poor and hard to reach areas of kogi state, North Central Nigeria where people have hardly any access to services due to the remote location and unpredictable condition of the area. The program is one of the major programs in the areas in addressing the need for sustainable development of the kogi population. It function in the areas of Health, Education, Nutrition, Agriculture, Environment, Human rights and Household Economic strengthening, all captioned Foosteer Friendly Programs (FFP). The Education program called; Foosteer Friendly Education program (FFEP) promotes a discovery-based, interactive education, which seeks to create a significant change in these areas through developing primary education and life skills, as well as civic sense, awareness amongst the community for their right of education and social education useful to the society and their family.
Foosteer’s approach to education in rural poor and hard to reach areas is based on innovative and effective approaches to increase access to education of underserved children as well as develop an infrastructure for proper education services delivery.
Primary educational services (formal and non-formal), satellite schools, child to child peer education and vocational training for adolescents are some of the key components of Foosteer’s interventions for spreading education in the rural poor and hard to reach areas.