Support the Fatherless in your community

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As a #humanitarian I decided to spend my valentine with ohinoyi #orphanage home ajaokuta owned by one Mrs sefi Bello, I got to know about this home from one MRS Solomon who I met during one of my#community social #development #activities in secondary schools. This home has 8 children but as at the time we visited we met 3, the little clinging tight to me on my left is called Nana, her mum is mental, she doesn't have a father, cos she was rescued from her roaming #mental mum at birth, she is now 4years, she is very funny, when we got there and I saw the food they were eating, I was pricked in my heart, watery EBA you can only imagine the soup, but yet this kids were eating excitedly, then I realised that when so many people are throwing leftovers, some others don't have to eat. After their meal, we had an #interactive session and did little game, then gave them the little rice and salt we brought for them, you need to see the joy and #excitement in their eyes. This 3 are in school but they need #support to remain in school, when we asked how much is their fees per term, we were told 2000 naira each, I am using this medium to call on well meaningful people to help support to keep this kids in school as well as rescue other ones.

Mrs. Believe Obafaiye (Volunteer) for foosteer initiative for community health and social development.