What is it?
International Day of the Girl is a UN initiative set up to promote the rights of girls around the world. Taking place every year on 11th October, it aims to highlight the realities of life as a girl across the globe and the challenges they face with regards to education, healthcare, child marriage, equal opportunity and sexual violence.
While not every girl in the world will face all of these challenges, but almost every girl will encounter at least one of them, which is why Day of the Girl is so important.

This year’s theme is Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress – a theme designed to highlight the fact that what is good for girls is also good for driving progress across society and ending poverty.

Two thirds or the approximately 75 million children denied an education around the world are girls. Yet studies show that educated women have healthier children, who are more likely to live longer and attend schools themselves. Educating women is thus an important first step towards beating poverty and hunger.

Eliminating this gender discrimination and empowering women will have a profound and positive impact on the survival and well-being of children, according to a new UNICEF report issued on UNICEF’s 60th anniversary in 2006.

“Gender equality and the well-being of children are inextricably linked,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman. “When women are empowered to lead full and productive lives, children and families prosper.”

How do I get involved?
Share the Light
Imagine not being allowed to go to school simply because you’re a girl. Well for 33 million girls, that’s a reality. And it shouldn’t be.
Spread the word
Raise awareness or send out a few words of inspiration, 

Take Action

 Mentor a girl, Champion the education of a girl, Educate a girl child and make the world a better place to live in, because when we empower girls, everybody benefits. Girls who are educated, healthy and free can transform their communities and pass on the benefits to their children, and to their children’s children.


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