Depression and how to handle it successively.

Depression is a mental state involving feelings of great unhappiness, its quiet and slow killer, anyone can fall prey of it if not sensitive.
Many people tends to hide it with a smile, and pretend to be fine on the outside.
Some of the causes of depression are; Abuse: either sexually or emotionally,personal or family problems, medication, conflicts, death or a loss.

It will definately pop up one day
This is common you know!!
You are not the first
You can always get help
Yea you really need to be patient with yourself, most people are not patient with them self.
Yea be patient


  1. Depression is one of the major causes of sudden deaths,you hear somebody dies suddenly,but the truth is that the person has had to deal with depression all the while..uhmmmmmmmmm

  2. So good to know that so many people are depressed but tends to hide it under unnecessary cheerfulness...


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